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Weaving Teachers in our Guild

Peggy Church

Chaplin, CT

Peggy just launched an Airbnb Experience called "Weave Yourself a Tea Towel". Up to two guests can come to the studio and sit at a warped loom to weave a tea towel.  It takes about 2.5 hours and the guest leaves with a towel ready to hand stitch the hems.

Lucienne Coifman

New Haven, CT

Teaching at Creative Arts Workshop in New Have, CT. Also available are 2-3 day workshops on Classic and Nontraditional Rep Weave.

Fran Curran, sally Mullen and Sophia DeJesus-Sabella

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center

We offer classes to beginner to advanced level floor loom weavers as well as classes for beginner and continuing Rigid Heddle weavers. Additionally, we offer a variety of Summer Workshops.

Visit our website for all details.

Anne Gladczuk Graham

Wesleyan Potters Middletown, CT

Classes are comprised of a mixture of beginning and advanced students, working projects at their own pace.  Four weaving sessions throughout the year; fall, winter, spring and summer.

Susan Jackson

Georgetown School of the Arts

This course is designed for beginner and advanced beginner students. Beginners will learn to make a warp, dress a loom and explore weaving patterns. Advanced beginners will learn to read weaving directions and design their own projects. Students have a choice of learning on a 4-shaft table loom or a rigid heddle loom and may take their looms home between classes. Classes are not held during the Summer.

Susan Morrison

Wesleyan Pottters Middletown, CT

Teaching winter, spring, and fall classes 

to mixed levels, beginner through intermediate.  Also available for individualized teaching at your 

house or mine on 4-8 shaft floor looms.  Focus on tartans and playing with color in design.

Hanna Roehrs

Weaving Newtown

On--going classes are Monday evenings from 6-9 pm in Newtown at the Congregational Church. We teach all levels from beginner to advanced weavers.  Individual projects will be guided through the process.

Janney Simpson

Gaylord, MI

Lectures and workshops include:

Deflected Double Weave, Beyond Traditional Deflected Double Weave, Sakiori, Finishing and Embellishment for Handwovens, Math for Weavers.

Norma Smayda

Saunderstown Weaving School

Beginner to advanced weaving classes, individualized instruction, traditional weaves, Scandinavian weaving, Weaver Rose and Bertha Gray Hayes and ondule' textiles.

Jill Staubitz

Online Weaving Classes

Live, online discussion-based

classes, tailored for floor loom weavers from Beyond Beginners to Advanced Intermediate Level.

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