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Maxi Workshops
March 15-17, 2023 - Maxi Workshop
  • Split-Shed Weaving, Deborah Silver

Break out of blocks with split-shed weaving. Weave curves and blend colors using continuous wefts on a 4-shaft loom with no special equipment. In this workshop, students will create multiple combinations of weave structures using only four shafts and a straight threading. Only tie-ups and treadling are changed between samples. Most of these combinations would normally require a minimum of eight shafts. Students will experiment with combinations of twills, tied weaves, double weave, Han damask, taqueté and more. Woven samples include continuous, complementary, and supplementary wefts, as well as wefts which combine to produce shading for pictorial weaving. (This is the same color-blending process Deborah Silver uses to create her art.) Students will also learn to make a cartoon on cloth that will advance with the warp and will not wrinkle when beating.

Although students will not be able to complete all the samples in class, they will leave with the ability to complete them at home with all of the drafts and instructions. Floor looms are preferable, with jack looms allowing the easiest treadling. Direct tie-up and table looms may also be used. (The process on table looms is slightly slower.) Looms will need to be pre-warped with 8/4 carpet warp (instructions sent prior to workshop).


Class size: 16

Fee:  $250 + $15 handout/materials fee.

April 27-28, 2023 – MAXI WORKSHOP

  • Exploring Classic REP Weave, Lucienne Coifman

Lucienne is a well-known weaving teacher who teaches workshops across the United States and has authored Rep, Rips, Reps Weave, an authoritative book on Rep Weave.  Lucienne is decreasing her teaching schedule as she prepares to retire, and this workshop is an opportunity for HGC members to learn from an expert teacher.
This class will cover all you wanted to know about rep weave.  Every participant will set up their loom, in advance, with a different draft (4 or 8 shafts), allowing an exploration of a variety of material, sett and technique. We will study each sampler through drafting, color interaction and possible applications. We will also cover the 6 Basic Design Steps to plan your own Rep piece.  This workshop is designed for the advanced beginner as well as more advanced weavers.  It can also serve as a refresher course on rep weave for others.  


Requirements: 4 or 8 shafts dressed loom (instructions will be provided).  Students must be able to read a draft and dress a loom.  


Class size: 16

Fee: $170 + $18 handout fee. 

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