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Tools of the Trade loom $2100.00


Constructed of Cherry in the 1980’s.


  • 8 shafts, 10 treadles, 60” weaving width.

  • Double warp beam (second beam still in original wrapper)

  • Three 60” stainless steel reeds: 5, 6, 8.

  • Two pair of lease sticks.

  • 2400 heddles plus extra.

  • Front of loom folds up or can be lowered for threading.

  • Includes bench (with storage) and home-made tool tray.

  • Original owner.


Thinning the herd. It’s time to set beautiful Midli loom (mid-life indulgence) free and I hope it goes to someone who will enjoy and love it as much as I have these past 40 years. I have woven everything on it: heavy tapestries, blankets, table linens, lace weight items.

Tools of the Trade (TOTT) looms were built by Arthur Weitzenfeld in Fair Haven, VT during the 70’s and 80’s. It seems that he only built about 450 looms so there is a limited number of them out there and their owners love them. This loom is #375. Daryl Lancaster, who has owned several TOTTs (and loves them), said that Art used Leclerc hardware.


Woodstock, NY. Pick up only.


Will need two strong people and a pick-up truck. Loom weighs 260 lbs. Footprints: Open dimensions: 71.25” wide x 44” deep x 43.5” high; folded dimensions: 71.25” wide x 28” deep x 43.5” high. Cash only.

Contact Bev to purchase or for further information.

Posted 09/10/2022 

Nilus LeClerc $700.00

  • 4 Harness

  • 6 treadle

  • 45" weaving width


It is shown in the picture with a custom made 1 yard sectional warp beam with 1” sections that will come with the loom. However, due to space, I have just taken the sectional beam off. I replaced the front and back cloth apron several years ago with Texsolv cord and wooden dowels. I still have the original metal apron rods (minus the cloth aprons that were in very rough shape) that will go with the loom. This loom has been in regular use while I’ve owned it. 

I put a new brake coil on a few years ago. I also recently replaced the original screw that held the brake brackets together with the break coil with a long bolt that now goes all of the way through the wood. My understanding is that this is a common weak spot on these older looms and a common way of securing and updating. 

Made in May of 1974, I purchased this loom in the fall of 2016 from the original owner. 


  • Three reeds: 12, 10, and 4 epi (These reeds are the ones that came with the loom when I purchased it. They no longer look shiny and new, but are totally functional and are the ones that I have regularly used)

  • Raddle

  • The original LeClerc Warp and Weave manual book that came with this loom. 

  • A small bag of hand tools that came with the loom. 

Note: If needed I will also include a set of lease sticks and an old warping board. 


If the buyer needs shuttles and a bobbin winder I can sell a used hand crank metal bobbin winder and two boat shuttles to them as well for an additional fee. These are only being offered if the person buying the loom needs them to set up shop

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Contact Katie to purchase or for further information

Posted 08/3/2022

Dundas TABLE LOOM $400.00

Excellent condition and used regularly

  • 4 shaft

  • 24 inch weaving width;

  • approx. 28" x 28"

  • 12 dent SS reed included

Pick up in West Redding, CT OR deliver to September HGC meeting once payment received.

  • Contact Cate Lucia to purchase or for further information.

                  Posted 07/8/2022


  • $2000.00

  • 8 Harness

  • 10 Treadle

  • Model B4 E Serial Number 1892. 72" wide.


This is the loom that can start out simple and grow with you.  It can accommodate several different kinds of beams, offers the opportunity to add more harnesses as your needs grow, and stays in adjustment.  The front and back beams fold in when not in use.  Macomber is still making looms in Maine so parts (if you need them) are easy to obtain. 


Macomber uses only the strongest, most durable materials available.  In addition, everything they build works in harmony with everything they have ever built, providing you with the most flexible and effective hand weaving tools available. 

MACOMBER LOOMS are considered by weavers to be a very secure investment. Given reasonable care they appreciate in value.  Ask the weaver who owns one. 

This is a dream to weave on, just took off two baby blankets! Everything works! I have the super hooks that it originally came with, but I liked texsolve for the tie ups so I have left them in place. You can switch back if desired.

Need to downsize before we move, so this large one needs to go.
Price: $2000.00 (A new one retails for $4688).


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                  Posted 06/26/2022

Megado 32H Dobby Loom for Sale


Overall dimensions:  45” X 48” X 48”


Three year old Louet Megado 32H compu-dobby loom for sale (27" weaving width) in near pristine condition.  Weaves beautifully, excellent Customer support from Louet.  I am downsizing my studio.  In addition to the loom and computerized dobby set up, this will include the bench, 3 reeds, sectional warping beam and supplementary warp beams and a used AVL warping wheel.  Equipment is listed at over $25K new at Woolery.  Asking $15K.  Will ship for additional charge.  Located in Sharon CT.   

Price:  $15,000 obo

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  • Contact Ann Cameron to purchase or for further information.

                  Posted 06/21/2022

Brittany looms Anjou Tapestry loom with loom stand, $275.00 (No image)

  • Excellent condition

  • Includes assembly instructions - total $275


Clemes Spinning Wheel & Carders, $1250.00

  • Includes one bulky and two regular adaptors

  • Excellent condition


Curved top wool carders, $75.00 apiece


Flat top cotton carders, $75.00


Available for pickup - shipping not included in price


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  • Contact Noel to purchase or for further information.

                  Posted 03/16/2022

Toika  48" computerized loom $9500

Model:  Eeva

This loom is in mint condition except for few scratches on race plate.



  • 24 shafts

  • Overal width: 53.5”

  • Weaving width: 48”

  • Beater width: 59.5

  • Depth: 57”

  • Height: 68.5” with box


  • Bench: 27" H x 31" W

  • Weavepoint Software

  • Reed

  • 100 heddles/shaft or 2400 total

  • Cog wheel to advance system

  • Linen apron

  • Located in Amherst, MA 

Pick up Only

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Contact Georgia Hadley to purchase or for further information.

       Posted 05/05/2021