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Journeyman Rating

The purpose of the Journeyman exercise is to correlate what you have learned from all sources (teachers, books and your own experience) and to demonstrate your mastery of a variety of more complex and advanced techniques. It should expand your knowledge of weaving.

 I. Weaving requirements

  • No item may be submitted for more than one classification. Each article (unless otherwise stated) should be a minimum of 10 inches wide and 15 inches long, excluding fringe. 

    • A.  One finished color gamp with at least 3 primary and 3 secondary colors, plus black, white, and gray. Minimum size is to be 18" by 18" in balanced plain weave. Warp colors are to be repeated in the weft in the same proportions, at least 2" per color. Show the yarn colors by finishing with fringe.

    • B.  One sampler of 6 treadling variations on one Overshot pattern. Use at least 3 repeats of the pattern. One variation will be treadled as-drawn-in and one rose fashion; others are your choice. Possibilities include polychrome, opposites, inlay on pattern, and swivel. (See Bress: The Weaving Book or other reference). Show the complete threading, tie-up, and treadling.

    • C.  One gamp showing different twill weaves and variations. Include at least 5 different threadings and separate them by warp ends in contrasting color. Treadle as-drawn-in, squaring each pattern and dividing by contrasting weft colors. Minimum size: 15" by 15". Include complete draft for each "as-drawn-in" pattern (total of 5).

    • D.  One length of an all-wool fabric, at least 24" wide and 36" long.

    • E.  Finished articles in 2 hand-manipulated weaves, as follows: (See Mary Black)

      1. One finished article in one of the following in-laid techniques: plain laid-in, Italian laid-in, Brocade, Dukagang or Half Dukagang, or in a technique involving pickup.

      2. One finished article in one of the following finger-manipulated weaves: Leno, Danish Medallion, Brooks Bouquet, or Spanish Lace

    • F.  A finished article in linen with a loom-controlled lace effect from one of the following weaves.  The majority of the piece should be woven in lace.

      • Swedish Lace

      • Atwater Bronson Lace

      • Huck Lace

    • G.  One finished article with a loom-controlled border on four sides

    • H.  Eight finished articles from the following weave structures, using traditional threading and treadling. Each article should incorporate one weave structure. More than one color must be used in at least six of these articles. At least 75% of the article should be in the chosen weave structure.

      1. Warp-faced (no damask)

      2. Weft-faced (no damask)

      3. Twill

      4. Honeycomb

      5. Overshot

      6. Deflected Double Weave

      7. Shadow Weave

      8. Spot Bronson

      9. A tied weave

      10. Crackle

      11. Satin

      12. M's and O's

      13. Monks Belt

      14. Waffle

II. Technical Requirements

  • Design a profile draft using at least 3 blocks of varying sizes.  Provide a profile threading, tie-up, treadling and drawdown.  Interpret the profile in Summer and Winter and Lace Bronson by giving complete threading drafts for these two weaves.

  • Submit a notebook containing information about each article. See Submission Guidelines.

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