M.O.B. - My Own Bag

"One of a Kind, Just like Me"

My Own Bag Reachs 125!


Since Marjie Wheeler and Alyce Hemstreet have moved out of CT, Michele O’Donnell has assumed the "chairpersonship" of M.O.B., "My Own Bag" project. M.O.B. started, after learning that Area 4 member, Alyce Hemstreet, was once a foster child. As an adult, she personally collected & donated bags from the community & friends for the Department of Children and Family Services (DCSF). Area 4 decided to take on this wonderful project with Alyce's help. Marjie Wheeler and Sue Jones were instrumental in getting us all started.


To date, Area 4 members & friends have made 125 bags, and 45 bag kits, mostly from donated material. We have also made 50+ pillowcases which was an extension of M.O.B. during Covid. Logistics during the pandemic have been a challenge. It will be much easier when we can all get together again. This is such a necessary & rewarding project. Contact Michele O'Donnell if you would like to help.