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Rental Guidelines

Who may rent:

  • Any weaver who has been a member of the Guild for at least a year may rent guild equipment.  

  • First-year members may rent equipment but must be sponsored by a Guild member in good standing.


Length of Rental:

  • Rental time-frame is two months from day of rental.

  • If the equipment is not in demand, the renter may re-rent and pay for the additional rental period.

  • Three of the looms are available for long-term rental, September-to-May, at a lower rate.


Loom rentals include:

  • One reed

  • One raddle

  • One boat shuttle with bobbin

  • One crank (if not integral to the loom)

  • One heddle hook

  • One pair of lease sticks

  • Two beaming rods.

  • Other reeds of various sizes are available for some looms.


Equipment Location:

  • Hartford Artisans' Weaving Center

  • 42 Woodland Street, Hartford

  • Arrangements will be made regarding the time and place for equipment pick up. This typically takes place at the Weaving Center or state meeting; other arrangements can be made, as needed.



  • By check made payable to HGC

  • One check is a deposit

  • The other check is for the rental

  • The deposit check will be held until the equipment is returned in good condition.

  • The Treasurer will be notified to shred the check.

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