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The Guild is 75 Years Young

We are celebrating November 18, 2023

Note:  The Donation listed on the ticket page is Optional Only to be used to  help defray the cost of the celebration or perhaps give a ticket to someone if needed.  It is a dropdown list providing multiple choices for  donations (it is not a specific $10.00 choice only.)

Click here for a peak at a Preliminary Agenda for the Anniversary Celebration

75th Anniversary Weaving Challenge

We introduce here the Guild Anniversary Challenge, “75 for 75”. Using this book - our own swatch library - we challenge each member to choose a swatch and use it to weave an item or fabric based on the draft. You could replicate the historical swatch/draft exactly or it could serve as an inspiration for you to weave a new interpretation. There will be a grand Show and Tell at the celebration for members to share their woven items with an accompanying slide show of the original swatch/draft.

Click here for the:

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