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Message from the President: Carolyn Coates


Dear Weavers,


Welcome to spring and to our May state meeting, the last of this guild year. Two important things happen at the May meeting: elections and annual reports. This year the nominating committee’s proposed slate is Karen Leach for President, Elaine Dimpelfeld for Program Chair (1st Vice President) and Ellen Goldman for Corresponding Secretary. We will also take nominations from the floor. Thanks to Karen, Elaine, and Ellen for agreeing to serve; we are grateful.


The May meeting is also our Annual Meeting, so if you are a standing committee chair or a special coordinator, please prepare a short (or longer is you have things to say) report of this year’s activities. In addition to reporting at the meeting please bring a printed (or written!) copy to the meeting for our archives. You can also email it to me beforehand president@handweaversguildofct.org and I’ll forward it to those who need copies. Our historian and future guild members thank you.


As this is my last presidential missive, I would like to thank all of you for your help and friendship these last years. I am especially grateful to all of you who serve or have served on the board—you make it all happen. It has been a joy to serve with you. Thank you. As past president I will still be on the board for two more years, but I am very much looking forward to sitting in the back rows, out of the limelight, at state meetings.


See you soon— Carolyn

Programs: Karen Leach:

2021-2022 Programs


Study Groups: A New Addition to HGC Programs!

The Guild is creating a Study Group program that will begin in September. The Study Groups will meet virtually on a monthly basis, and be overseen by a Coordinator, Karen Leach. Each individual group will have a Manager who will set up Zoom meetings on a day and time determined by the group members.

In a Study Group, everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. A Study Group is not a class, but is a gathering to share ideas and learning experiences on a specific topic. We hope our members will want to join in. Possible topics are: Doubleweave, Exploring Woven Fabrics (Janet Phillip’s book), Clothing from Handwoven Cloth, and Ratings (for a group of members working on their Apprentice projects).

What are you interested in studying in more depth with your fellow HGC members? Send your topic ideas to Karen Leach and we will send out a survey to determine which groups to launch, based on member interest.

Email Karen Leach with any suggestions or questions.

Membership, Anne Graham:

Renew Your Membership Today!

Our calendar year runs from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023.  This year there are two options to renew your membership:


Hello Everyone,

It’s time to renew your membership to the Handweavers Guild of Connecticut for the coming Guild year.

On-line registration is available through the website now using a credit card. At the site, you can renew, request the directory be mailed to you (an additional $2 charge), and also donate. Life and Honorary members can also renew on-line, even with no payment.

If you prefer to renew by mail, please fill out the membership form, print it and send to me with your payment (please don’t register on[1]line). The Renewal Form is included with this newsletter.

For your contact info to be included in the ’22-’23 Directory, it must be returned by July 15.


Please take a moment to renew today! Life and Honorary members: You must fill out the HGC Membership Form to register for the new season. This ensures that your contact information is current for the database and the Directory. Although you no longer owe dues, there is a $2.00 fee if you would like the Directory to be mailed to you. All members: Should your contact information change during the year, please send in all corrections. The mailing lists for the Weaver’s Knot and any Guild-wide messages are derived from this database. I appreciate your taking the time to fill out and return the membership form. We welcome your ideas, program suggestions and offers for teaching. Thank you for your renewal and have a great summer.



  • By mail:

    • Print and fill out the included membership form and send to me with your payment


Contact Anne Graham with any address, phone or e-mail updates or corrections.


Membership Chair Opening – Meet and Greet! Know everyone in the Guild!


It has been a great honor and pleasure serving the Guild as Membership Chair. This is my last term. If you are interested in taking over for me, please contact me for details. My term ends in May of ‘23, which provides ample time to shadow me and find out what the position entails. Looking forward to working with you. Email Anne Gladczuk Graham if interested in the position.

The Weavers' Knot (Connie McKeige):

After five years, I am finally ready to retire my position of editor of The Knot. Thank you all for allowing me to serve this wonderful organization for so long. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you all better! Fortunately, I leave The Knot in the most capable of hands. Area 3 member, Cate Lucia has graciously volunteered to become the next editor and should be contacted for any future submissions for the Knot.

The Bookshelf:  Read any good books lately? We would love to hear about your favorite weaving-related books, old or new.  Send your comments to knot@handweaversguildofct.org or directly to Connie by October 15th for the next edition of The Knot.

Hospitality: Marilyn Keurajian and Pam Coyne


In May we will be meeting in person. Fresh coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring your own mug and napkin (handwoven, of course!) to cut down on disposables, and a bag lunch. I'm sure many of you miss enjoying food from other's kitchens as much as I do, but we won't be resuming our lovely potluck sharing just yet. Area 3 is asked to help in the kitchen.

Guild Historian: Donna Hopkins


This is the first of several articles that I will write to share with the Weaver’s Guild our interesting growth and development as a group of people devoted to the fiber arts. We started as a Weaver’s Guild in 1948 and next year, 2023, will be our 75th anniversary.  


I was first given the collection of the documents that hold our history, which I like to call our “Archives Collection,” last winter by Lisa Green.  She was handing over to me the notebooks, folders, scrapbooks, photo albums, envelopes, etc. that are kept by the guild’s historian.  I don’t know how many historians the guild has had since 1948; I haven’t tried to count them.  I asked her if there was an inventory or a list of all these things and she replied no, she hadn’t seen one. I spent nearly twenty years as historian at my church and created an inventory of all the historical documents and artifacts that told the story of that institution.  I felt that I could do that for the Handweaver’s Guild of Connecticut. If these documents are worth keeping and passing down, then we should know what’s in the collection.


So, the inventory is now finished, and the items have been cleaned up, organized, listed and rehoused so they are protected from water and humidity. Having spent some time doing this, I have discovered there is a treasure trove of information in this collection, but it is incomplete.  In the coming months I’d like to get more familiar with the stories of our past leaders; members; Biennial Shows and Juried Shows; our relationship with NEWS; how the HGC Newsletters became the Weaver’s Knot; how many teachers we have had come to teach us how to do what we love; who are some of our outstanding and talented members; how our membership has grown and changed over the years, and much more.


I’d like to ask for the help of our members to fill in the gaps where our records are incomplete. For one thing, we don’t have all of the Knots that have been published. I will have more details on this later.


If you want to share your activities with the rest of the Guild, please send me your materials electronically at Webadmin@handweaversguildofct.org and label the email "For Guild Historian".

Library: Claudia Spaulding


Guild Library Goes Online!



New to the Guild Library:


Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond: Planning and Weaving with Confidence By Tommye McClure Scanlon


Once ideas and images come to mind, the next step in weaving your tapestry—interpreting these into effective compositions—may be challenging. Learn here, in ways that relate specifically to tapestry art, the design basics you need to make your best work. Renowned master weaver Scanlon offers step-by-step "explorations" that lead you from understanding design concepts in your head to using them on your loom. Explore "weavable" ways to manage line, shape, color, texture, emphasis, balance, rhythm, and more. In Part 1, dive into design fundamentals. Parts 2 and 3 hold explorations—exercises with a tapestry twist. Part 4 teaches ways to turn designs into cartoons. A resource treasure trove, it offers ideas for finishing, helpful templates, glossaries, and other core information to carry forward on your creative path.


CrazyShot- Creative Overshot Weaving for the Rigid Heddle Loom By Myra Wood


Crazyshot - creative overshot weaving introduces anyone who uses a rigid heddle loom to a whole world of creative weaving. “With one heddle and one stick, Myra Wood explores the art of working with ground and pattern wefts in this creative approach to rigid-heddle weaving. Known for her for colorwork across many mediums, Myra beautifully illustrates that complex does not have to be complicated.” --Liz Gipson, Author of A Weaver's Guide to Yarn and other books for rigid-heddle weaving and the host of the Yarnworker School.

HGC Equipment Rentals: Dorrie Hunt

All information about rentals is listed in the HGC website. The equipment is housed at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center. Please contact us for all availability and pick‐up arrangements at rentals@handweavers guildofct.org

Instagram: Cate (Cat) Lucia

As one of our social media coordinators, I have posted little or nothing all year due to family concerns and my own illness. As we wind up 2021 and enter a new year, I am going to make a concerted effort to make regular Instagram posts. In that case, I need images. Please send, along with a short description, to WeaveA3@gmail.com. That way they will end up in one place and I can share with Jenny and Susan. Thanks, and enjoy the holidays!

Weftovers: Pam Mayo & Norma Jean Sternschein

Get ready for a pre-summer Weftovers sale! Bring your weaving imaginations with you to the May meeting! We also still have some of the specialty knitting yarns available, so be sure to take a 2nd look at them. I remember a double weave class given by Barbara Elkins a few years ago where she specifically showed us how to use some lovely knitting yarns in our weaving. And we did see two beautifully knitted garments using some of the gorgeous Noro yarns at the last meeting. Thanks for stopping by the Weftovers table to show us!


At the last meeting we also had some of Janney Simpson’s stash that she generously donated to the Guild when she moved to Michigan. We also just received a large donation from Carol Hayes, a previous Guild member. So, you’ll see some new chenilles, cottons, a few wools and some specialty yarns on the table. A big thanks to Janney and Carol from us all!


As always, we want to thank the Weftovers team of Denyse, Kay, Marsha, and Diane for continuing to help with bringing up the Weftovers bins, organizing them for display and repacking everything left! This wouldn’t be possible without their help. And we appreciate anyone else willing to lend a hand!

Contact Pam Mayo at if you can pitch in! Many thanks!

New Sales Table Coordinator: Kendra Davis


Kendra Davis has volunteered to be our Sales Table Coordinator, a position that been empty for quite a while. If you are a small business or organization that would let to set up a table to sell merchandise during our in-person meetings, please contact Kendra and she will make sure that everyone has the space they need. Thanks for Kendra for volunteering and to the local merchants that help to sustain our craft.

Other News

Biennial Show 2023 – Handweaving: Ancient Art, Modern Artisans Myra Kleinman


The Biennial will take place April ’23 at the Farmington Valley Art Center. We are continuing to prepare for what is going to be a fabulous event. THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME AS A GUILD to show Connecticut and our surrounding states what we create and how spectacular our craft is. Please consider submitting a piece to be displayed for the show AND volunteering in your Area group to help prepare for it. Inquire within your Area about questions that may arise.


Hopefully we will have the results of the online inquiry about the number of weavers who plan to submit their works of art which will inform our decisions regarding the upcoming event. Thanks so much.

NEWS 2023: Kathleen Kaliscak & Steph Slattery

The New England Weavers Seminar is an organization of New England Weavers’ Guilds organized to promote interest in, and to improve the quality of, handweaving and related arts and skills. NEWS 2021 was a great success. It was held via Zoom with over 300 people registered for the two-day conference. NEWS 2023 will be held in July, 2023 and the board is currently looking for an alternate site. There are a few committee vacancies; Resource Guide, PR, Marketplace Vendors, Tours, Fashion Show and Awards. The next trustees meeting will be held in January. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please contact Kathleen Kaliscak or Steph Slattery.