Equipment Rentals

Coordinator - Dorrie Hunt

The primary purpose of the Guild equipment rentals program is educational—helping guild members to further their weaving knowledge and skills. Each year the Guild's maxi-workshops, and the classes at NEWS every other year, provide the time frame for sequencing rentals of looms and other equipment. In addition, individual Guild members may make use of the rentals programs to further their own weaving projects and programs.

In order to equalize rental opportunities for all members, reservations for looms are limited before maxi workshops and NEWS sessions. Timely announcements in the Knot give the dates from which rental reservations may be made before each teaching event. In a typical year, all the rental looms should be returned by the end of summer, to be readied for reservations before the state guild meeting in September. Since the looms are sometimes in need of servicing or repair, this sequencing permits the necessary work to be done before the beginning of a new rental year.

Any weaver who has been a member of the Guild for at least a year may rent guild equipment. First-year members may rent equipment, but are required to be sponsored by a Guild member in good standing.

Typically, the rental period is two months from day of rental. If the equipment is not in demand, the renter can choose to re-rent and pay the monthly fee for the additional rental period. Three of the looms are available for long-term rental, September-to-May, at a lower rate.

Loom rentals include: one reed, one raddle, one boat shuttle with bobbin, one crank (if not integral to the loom), one heddle hook, one pair of lease sticks, two beaming rods. Some other reeds of various sizes are available for some looms.

Looms and related equipment are stored at the Hartford Artisans' Weaving Center, 42 Woodland Street, Hartford. Contact the coordinator if you want to rent any of the listed looms or other equipment. At that time arrangements will be made regarding when and where you will pick up the loom and/or equipment. This typically takes place at the Weaving Center or at the state meeting; other arrangements can be made, as needed.

Two checks, made payable to HGC, are due when the equipment is picked up. One check is for the rental and one is a deposit. The deposit check will be held until the equipment is returned in good condition, when the Treasurer will be notified to return the deposit to the renter, or to shred the check.

Weaving Equipment

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