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Date: November 2-3, 2023


What appeals more to a weaver than weaving that looks like weaving? In this round-robin class we will explore multiple structures that can be used to produce images of weaving - most commonly, a large scale depiction of a plain weave interlacement. We will use lace weaves, deflected double weave, tied weaves and more along with profile drafting to learn about, design and weave samples with this "metaweave" design idea in mind.


Participants must be able to warp a loom, change the tie-up, and follow a draft.


Looms will need to be pre-warped (Detailed drafts and warping instructions sent about 1 month prior to the workshop). A 4, 8 or 12 shaft loom is appropriate (sample  choices for 4 are limited, so 8-12 is best). 



Supplies needed - Weft materials to correspond to warp, shuttles, bobbins, notebook/pen, scissors, tapestry needle, measuring tape.

Fee:  $175 +$25 handout/materials fee (students can avoid the materials fee if they pick up the pdf in Dropbox)

Metaweave Workshop - Instructor Elisabeth Hill

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