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Date: March 13-15 (2 ½ days), 2024 (Friday is a half day)


For 4 to 16 shafts, this is an on-loom study of the color wheel and theories of color harmony, based on the teachings of 20th-century artists Johannes Itten and Josef Albers. The focus is on developing a subjective and objective sense of how to optimize the use of color in your weaving practice, particularly in weaving parallel-threaded designs. At least six weeks prior to the workshop, you will choose from a series of Echo and Jin designs provided by the instructor, all for 4-end parallel threadings. Next, you will choose warp colors based on Itten's theories of color chords, drawing from his 12-point color wheel. During the workshop, you will weave samples using different tie ups, treadlings, weft yarns, and weft colors.


Students must be able to read a draft and dress a loom.


Your floor or table loom, must be dressed and ready to weave on a 4-color warp using 10/2 cotton (detailed instructions and patterns will be shared about 6 weeks before the workshop).


Supplies needed - two boat shuttles (or end-feed delivery shuttles), one stick shuttle, 6-8 bobbins or pirns, scissors, waste yarn (for weaving between samples), notepad and pen, laptop or table with weaving software (optional), weft yarns of 20/2 cotton in about 5-6 colors.


Fee:  $225 + $35 materials fee (Materials fee to be collected by instructor)

Echo and Jin: Playing with Color Chords - Instructor Denise Kovnat

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