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Probably from Norwich, Connecticut area, probably before 1800  
Mostly oak with a few replacement parts


  • 6'5" high

  • 5'8" wide

  • 6'5" long


Built-in seat with old Navajo-style wool blanket padding



  • 4 harnesses, 45" reed

  • 4 original harnesses (in the modern sense) with their frail netted heddles

  • 90 yd warping board with about a dozen pegs

  • 3 or 4 original reeds

  • A stainless steel reed plus a modern shelf to display/store them on

  • The known-to-me history of the loom in a notebook

  • A heddle-tying jig (nails in a board)

  • Extra hand-tied and flax-starched heddles

  • Miscellaneous wooden parts, sticks, a bit of Texsolv, etc.


Price includes delivery and set-up in New England

Click image for larger views.

Contact Ellen to purchase or for further information.

Posted 06/20/2023 

Early pre 1800 Barn Loom $1000

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